Criminal Defense

Experience counts when you are facing a criminal charge. With my extensive experience as a Former State Prosecutor, I am very familiar with the types of evidence the state needs to try to prove you guilty. We also know what mistakes the prosecution makes while working up the case.

As a defense attorney I have defended many misdemeanor and felony offenses throughout Cook County, DuPage & Lake County court houses. When defending a criminal charge your attorney must know and understand the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. You need an attorney with the expertise who knows the ins and outs of the Illinois Laws.

I promise to work diligently to help fight and protect your rights. Please call me at (847) 292-1400 for a free no obligation phone consultation to answer any questions you may have and to determine if your 4th Amendment rights were violated.

Use our links above to find out more if you are facing a court date for a DUI, Suspended or Revoked License, Drug Offense, or any Misdemeanor or Felony charge.