Beginning January 1, 2004, Illinois law was amended to permit people with qualifying arrests, felonies, misdemeanor supervisions and misdemeanor convictions to ask the court to either expunge or seal the records related to their cases. The law is designed to let people clear their records with or without an attorney.

Under specific circumstances, Illinois law allows felony, misdemeanor, or municipal ordinance violation records in Criminal and Traffic cases to be expunged or sealed. If you qualify, your records will either be expunged or expunged and sealed by law enforcement agencies, and will be sealed by the Clerk's Office. "Expunged" records are destroyed. "Sealed" records are closed and restricted from public access, but are not destroyed.

Our links above will give you more information on what records can be expunged, how long it takes, the cost and the procedure. Our sidebar links include Court Locations, links to the Chicago Police Department and Illinois State Police to obtain your court record and for finger printing process. Other links in our sidebar include the forms you will need for the expungement process.

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