Expungement Procedure

Step 1: Fill Out Forms

  • Petition to Expunge or Petition to Expunge and Seal
  • Order to Expunge (and Seal)
  • Notice of Filing

Step 2: File Forms With The Court Where Your Case Arose

  • District 1 Criminal Department - Chicago For Criminal Cases
  • Richard J. Daley Center
  • District 1 Traffic Division - Chicago For Traffic Cases
  • District 2 Skokie
  • District 3 Rolling Meadows
  • District 4 Maywood
  • District 5 Bridgeview
  • District 6 Markham

Step 3: Send Copies of Petitions To The Following

  • State's Attorney or Prosecutor(s) charged with the duty of prosecuting each offense
  • Illinois State Police
  • Arresting Agency
  • Chief Legal Officer of Local Government Where You Were Arrested

What Happens Next?

A fee of $120.00 must be sent in with your paperwork to the Clerk's office. After you serve copies of your petitions to the above agencies, these agencies have 30 days to object to your petition. If these agencies do not object the court shall enter an Order granting your Petition. The Clerk's office will mail a copy of the court's Order to you and to the four police agencies that you served with the Petition.