Suspended License

Suspension is a temporary loss of driving privileges. When the suspension is for a specific length of time, you may regain your driving privileges after your suspension has ended and you have paid a reinstatement fee. However, our office may be able to reinstate your driver's license before your suspension period ends and possibly avoid a reinstatement fee.

There are numerous reason why a drivers license is suspended. Your driver’s license will be suspended if you are convicted of three traffic violations committed within any 12-month period. If you are under age 21 at the time of arrest, two traffic violations within any 24-month period will result in a suspension. In addition, you may be suspended due to a judgement from a car accident or a conviction for no proof of insurance or numerous other reasons.

As a former state prosecutor and defense attorney I prosecuted and defended many individuals for driving on a revoked or suspended license. Call our offices at (847) 292-1400 to determine why your license is suspended, if we can fix your suspension, and/or get your case dismissed..