Personal Injury

The Law Offices of Christopher E. Bemben concentrates in Illinois laws that protect those who have suffered physical or emotional damage due to the actions or negligence of others. If you or a member of your family suffer an injury due to a car accident, fall or negligence from a hospital or doctor, you should consult a personal injury lawyer.

Clients with representation from the Law Office of Christopher E. Bemben receive larger settlements than often an insurance company will present to their insurers. Insurance companies want to settle a claim quickly and as cheaply as possible.

If you have auto insurance and if blame is unclear or if you may be at fault, your insurance company will not always be on your side. The Law Office of Christopher E. Bemben will protect your interests and help you reach a fair settlement. We can protect your interests until the situation becomes clearer, or make sure you are not victimized by someone else's attorney.

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